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RCH Construction LLC Inwood WV

Recreating your home or property can be challenging, but with the support of RCH Construction LLC, we’ll make your vision come to life. Our team combines and applies over 20 years of experience to deliver stunning, top-rate results for residential, commercial, and government properties.

Whether your home or building needs roofing, siding, custom carpentry, or other remodeling and renovation services, we’ll complete the job on time and leave your property as strong and beautiful as ever.

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If your roof is over two decades old, or has loose shingles and other damage, it might be time to replace it. Our roofers understand how to build and install a roof that’s safe, energy-efficient, and protective against our region’s annual rainfall, snow, and heavy winds.
Is the siding on your home or building falling apart? Our siding experts can help you repair the damage and install new siding that will look beautiful, endure the elements, and improve your property’s curbside appeal.
Decks & Gazebos
There’s nothing better than socializing and enjoying the beautiful outdoors on a private deck, patio, or gazebo. If you’re planning to upgrade your home and yard with added surface space, we’ll construct a structure that’s private, visually appealing, and built to last.
Whether you’re installing a new door or railing, building new kitchen cabinets, or replacing the trimming throughout your home, our team of carpenters will deliver seamlessly beautiful results every time.
Exterior/Interior Renovations

There’s no shortage of interior and exterior renovations we can perform. If you’re trying to add value to your property or simply build a sturdier property, we can complete the following types of renovations:

Foundation Repairs
Issues with the foundation of your property can cause serious interior and exterior damage. Rather than digging out and replacing your foundation, we can repair your foundation and provide solutions to harmful soil, water, tree roots, and other elements.

Are you planning to build your dream home? Learn more about our residential construction services.

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